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Tiny black spots on white of eye in a four year old


In the last five days I observed three tiny black spots in the white part of my four year old daughters eyes. They are not moving. My daughter is wearing glasses for farsighted. In her right eyes I could see the leaked blood vessels. What are these, and why does these spots appear all of sudden?

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Qualified optometrist Simon Kay BSc(Hons) MCOptom answers this question.

These are probably just pigment spots and are common in dark skinned people. I doubt if the blood vessels are leaking, but might look a little prominent. It is difficult to say otherwise without seeing them. If you have any more concerns you should ask the optician to examine her eyes (or the GP to have a look). This would be a good check at this age to make sure everything is normal. 

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Simon Kay BSc(Hons) MCOptom has been a qualified Optometrist for over 30 years, and has a vast experience of almost all aspects of optometry. He joined Specsavers Opticians in 1993 first in Liverpool and for 15 years as a director of Lancaster and Morecambe. He served on many panels and committees whilst a director, including those responsible for IT design and professional advancement. He was regional chairman of the North West directors of Specsavers for over 12 years and as such was involved in almost all aspects of optometry on a business and professional level. He has been involved on the Local Optical Committee for many years and is currently Vice Chairman in his area.
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