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Symptoms of diabetes


What are the symptoms of diabetes?

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Qualified optometrist Dr Nigel Best DOptom MCOptom FBCLA FAAO answers this question:

There are a number of general symptoms that a diabetic may have, among them:

- Sudden vision changes
- Very dry skin
- Feeling tired all the time
- Extreme hunger
- Excessive thirst
- Unexplained weight loss
- Tingling or numb feet or fingers
- Sores that are slow to heal
- Frequent urination
- More infections than usual.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms you do not necessarily have diabetes, but it is worth consulting your doctor.

For more information about diabetes, see our video below:

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Dr Nigel Best DOptom MCOptom FBCLA FAAO has worked as an optometrist for Specsavers for 17 years, both in his own practice and with the Professional Training department. He has a particular interest in dry eye and contact lenses and has had a number of academic papers published.
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