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Question submitted: Headaches


Hi I've got an appointment on Saturday but just wanted to see if you could help out beforehand.

I currently wear glasses for computer, driving and tv but have recently been getting really bad headaches which feel like they are coming from behind my eyes and also blurred vision when trying to read smaller print. Could this mean I need stronger lenses? Thanks.

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Qualified Nicola Nisbet BSc (Hons) MCOptom DipOc answers this question.

It is advisable not to ignore headaches especially if they are out of character and "really bad" so one course of action is to have a sight test which you have already arranged. This will examine the health of your eyes and establish whether or not your prescription has changed. Prescription related headaches can happen if the prescription is no longer strong enough but also if your eyes no longer need as much power so this will be checked out during the sight test. Depending on the severity of your headaches consulting your GP is also advisable.

Optician's Biography

Nicola Nisbet BSc (Hons) MCOptom DipOc qualified as an optometrist in 1995. She is currently a Director of Specsavers in Ripon, a position she has held for the last ten years. She is a committee member of the Professional Advancement Committee, and sits on panels within Specsavers for pre-reg recruitment and newly qualified optometrist development.
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