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Floaters for four days


hi, ive had a circle of spots floating in front of my left eye for about four days, and it's driving me mad, and i am very worried, i rang my neath branch but they cant see me until may 26th, and the woman told me to go to the other opiticians in the neath town, i feel let down as i am a good customer i had my eyes tested last nov and spent four hundred quid on glasses i also buy contacts, but my main concern is my eye,the spot's are
floating all the time ,my eye sight is fine it's not blurred have'nt got a headache, when i first noticed the start i had a few flashes and then the spots, but still worrying, what do you suggest, thanks sandra

Answer Video and written answer:
Qualified Nicola Nisbet BSc (Hons) MCOptom DipOc answers this question.

You did the right thing by trying to see an Optician and I think you need to see someone sooner than 26th (if nothing else but to reassure yourself). It sounds as though you have developed floaters which should always be promptly checked out just in case but remember are often nothing to worry about.

For more information about floaters, see our video below:

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Nicola Nisbet BSc (Hons) MCOptom DipOc qualified as an optometrist in 1995. She is currently a Director of Specsavers in Ripon, a position she has held for the last ten years. She is a committee member of the Professional Advancement Committee, and sits on panels within Specsavers for pre-reg recruitment and newly qualified optometrist development.
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