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Monovision in glasses


I'm 50, astigmatic, and normally wear glasses (a pair for near vision and a "driving" pair for long-distance). I occasionally wear contact lenses. At my last contact lens test, I commented to my optician that it was becoming frustrating going out in my lenses - they were fine for distant-to-far objects, but I struggled to read anything closer (eg my phone); and unlike my glasses, I couldn't just lift them up or peer over them.

She suggested a left lens for reading and a right lens for distance, and it works surprisingly well - although I can't keep them in all day, and only use them for going out. I wondered if a similar "different lens for each eye" approach could be adopted for glasses, rather than varifocals which I think would annoy me even more?

My current prescription(s) for the new contact lenses are:

left eye (reading) -1.5 - 1.50 x180
right eye (distance) -3.00 -1.50 x180

Answer Written answer:

As you say, monovision in contact lenses can work surprisingly well. Unfortunately in glasses the problem is that as soon as you look through the lenses away from the optical centres a prism effect is produced and because there will be a large difference between the two eyes, you will have double vision. The best option is varifocals (or bifocals) but you do have to persevere and adapt. 

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