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Is it normal to feel eye strain with first pair of glasses?


I had a sight test at the Wheeler Gate branch in Nottingham on Sunday 30/06/13 and I was prescribed with reading glasses as I get headaches from eye strain when I'm working at the computer. I am not really sure how to read my glasses prescription, it says for right eye: +0.50 and in small print after it 05 or OS. Left eye: +0.50 and again in small print something like 10.50 x 30. I get the +0.50's but not the other prints. Also, as these are the first pair of glasses I have I am wondering if it is normal to feel eye strain when I'm wearing the glasses and also to feel a bit sick from wearing them. If I don't wear my glasses then I can feel eye strain and a headache coming up. Also I am 21 years of age and this was the first sight test I have ever had.

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I think the 'other print' is 0.50 x 30 which is a small correction for astigmatism meaning that your eyeball is slightly more round then oval. You are slightly longsighted meaning that light is focused just in front of your retina rather then on it and you will have to make more of a subconcious effort to focus without the correction. Overall your prescription is quite small and your symptoms can be expected at first but should settle quite quickly as you get used to the glasses. I would give it a few days and if after this you are not comfortable you should return to the practice and explain the issue. 

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