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Getting used to contact lenses


How long does it take to get used to contact lenses?

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Registered Optometrist Paul Carroll BSc(Hons) MCOptom MBA answers this question.

Your optician will give you a timetable to increase gradually the length of time you wear your lenses, starting with a few hours each day. It can take up to a fortnight to reach maximum wearing time with gas-permeable lenses, but it can be much quicker for soft lenses. You will have to follow a routine of looking after your lenses unless you have daily disposable lenses. Good hygiene and lens care is essential to keep your lenses and your eyes in good condition. Always follow the care regime your optician advises and attend regular aftercare visits.

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Optician's Biography

Optometrist Paul Carroll joined Specsavers 20 years ago as the resident optometrist director at Specsavers in Southport and for the last 15 years, has worked as Director of Professional Services for the Specsavers group. Paul is closely involved with the development of eyecare services at Specsavers and across the wider optical sector through his appointment to a variety of professional, health and educational posts.
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