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Eyes sting, feel dry and they stream with tears


Eighteen month ago I was prescribed reading and distance glasses after I suffered with stinging eyes while reading or looking at computer. They were ok but my eyes struggled to cope swapping from reading to distance glasses etc, so I was eventually prescribed varifocals. I struggled to cope with them at first, but a year on my eyes still sting with or without my glasses and one minute feel dry one minute they stream with tears especially if I read or look at my phone for any length of time. I do suffer with anxiety, could this be related? I've been back to opticians and been assured my glasses are right.

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I have repeated below an answer to a similar question posted previously:

Your symptoms may indicate that your have dry eyes which is an extremely common problem and a real nuisance, and is to due to a deficiency in the quality of your tear film, or the quantity. The first thing is to rule out any infection or condition that can cause and exacerbate the problem, such as blepharitis or meibomian gland dysfunction (secretary glands underneath your lids). In the absence of these problems the main treatment is lubricating eye drops to supplement the tears. There are many brands of eye drops that you can try, and some will suit you more than others. Using a 'normal' one during the day, and a gel or ointment type at night to protect your eye when sleeping is worth trying. Most people with dry eye do not put them in often enough, so the more the better. And even if your eyes are not feeling dry, you should still use them. Amoung the brands of more advanced formulations are Systane Ultra, Systane Gel (for use at night), Hyabak, Ocusan, Lubristil, Hydromor and Clinitas.


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