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Disturbed by bright lights and one eye very myopic


I have different vision in my eyes. My left eye is myopic (sphere 5.50, cylinder 1, axis 70), the right eye is astigmatic (sphere 0, cylinder 0.25, axis 70). My right eye is dominant, as you would expect, and I don't have binocular vision. I have various floaters in my eyes, always had. I also have blepharitis, mild, mainly in my right eye. I don't use glasses, although I am now getting some made.
It's been two weeks now that I seem to be disturbed by bright lights. I don't see a halo, but, for example, if I am watching the tv and the thing I am looking at is in front of a white background, I feel (I only have a sense that this is the case) that it's disturbing me. If I shut my left eye or blink, I see well again. The blurriness goes away.
Sorry if I'm not making myself clear, but I find it hard to explain as it is never there for more than a fraction of a second. I have had a look at the grid for macular degeneration and I don't see missing, curvy or in other way funny lights. I have seen an optometrist on Saturday who looked at the back of my eye and measured my eye pressure, all ok. Thanks for your help.

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I sounds like your poor left eye is interfering momentarily with the good vision in the right.  As you say, you must be very right eye dominant, and in order for you not to see two images at once, and clear one from the right, and a blurred one from the left, the brain has to suppress the blurred image and ignore it. So it must be for a very short time this is not happening.  I don't think this is anything to worry about. It could have arisen because the refractive status of your eyes may have changed recently and the brain may have to adapt again to this.

I wonder what prescription you are getting in your glasses?  On paper the huge difference between your two eyes would be very difficult to tolerate in glasses, particularly if you haven't had them before.  You are presumably getting some treatment for the blepharitis. A good website for this is produced by the NHS and may be of interest:

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