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Difficult to adapt when I take off my new glasses


I only got prescribed glasses a few days ago after having a eye test conducted revealing numbers -1.25 on both eyes. Since then I have been wearing them briefly for a few hours a day during TV or going down to the shops. I can see perfectly to things close to me, I only have a problem with reading and seeing things in a distance. So today at university I decided to wear my glasses all day to get used to them and felt fine. Since I got home however and took them off, my eyes feel really heavy as if I'm tired. I also experienced this a few days ago. I'm in no pain. I'm not sure if it is because my eyes are adjusting to be able to relax slightly. Could you please advise me as to whether this is normal?

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There is quite a lot of adjustment to make, and I think given a little longer you will adapt to them. I think your symptoms are quite normal in the first few days so I would not be concerned. If you have been wearing them all day, and then remove them, you will feel that your eyesight is worse, and it will take you a while to adapt again without them. If after two weeks you still feel that your eyes are not settled, then you should return to the opticians and explain your problem.

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