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How can colour vision be tested?


How can colour vision be tested?

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Qualified optometrist Dr Nigel Best DOptom MCOptom FBCLA FAAO answers this question:

There are various tests which can be used, however the most commonly used is the Ishihara test. In this test the optician shows the patient a number of plates which are printed with dots of different colours, brightness, density and sizes, arranged so that the dots of similar colour form a figure (for example a number) among a background of dots in another colour.

If a person has defective colour vision, they will be unable to identify some, or all, of the figures hidden in the dots depending upon what type of colour blindness that they suffer from.

For more information about colour vision, see our video below:

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Dr Nigel Best DOptom MCOptom FBCLA FAAO has worked as an optometrist for Specsavers for 17 years, both in his own practice and with the Professional Training department. He has a particular interest in dry eye and contact lenses and has had a number of academic papers published.
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