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Blood on the white of my eye

Question I've got what appears to be blood on the white of my eye, what is it and should I be concerned?

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Registered Optometrist Paul Carroll BSc(Hons) MCOptom MBA answers this question.
The sudden appearance of blood in your eye is probably a subconjunctival haemorrhage. Although you may be worried it usually a harmless condition which isn't painful or serious. The haemorrhage occurs when one of the tiny blood vessels leak under the conjunctiva. It is not known why some vessels leak, it may occur spontaneously or may follow a violent sneeze, cough or vomiting. The blood is usually reabsorbed by the body and disappears within a few weeks. However if you do experience pain or there are any changes in your vision you should see you optician immediately.

We recommend you seek professional advice if you are concerned about your eye health:

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Optometrist Paul Carroll joined Specsavers 20 years ago as the resident optometrist director at Specsavers in Southport and for the last 15 years, has worked as Director of Professional Services for the Specsavers group. Paul is closely involved with the development of eyecare services at Specsavers and across the wider optical sector through his appointment to a variety of professional, health and educational posts.
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